Series 225

Description: Thermally broken operable window system. the 225 series is available in open out and open in casements with exposed hinges. Also projected out and projected in vents with concealed 4 bar hinges.

Compatibility: Glazed into punched openings, all commdoor aluminum's curtain wall and window framing systems. Note: Specify the type of system the operable windows are to be installed into to determine appropriate vent framing and drainage system.

Finish: Offer different finishes exterior and interior. all profiles are stocked in #17 clear and #40 bronze anodized. All other anodized and paint finishes are available upon request.

Product: Fabricated product only. frame and sash are designed with crimped corners to ensure tightly sealed assembly.

Strength: Performance test size for top projected out vent was 60" x 36" and for casement 36" x 60". commdoor aluminum will not guarantee vents with larger sizes than which were tested.

Glazing: 225 Series is an interior glazed system and will accept 1" (25mm) sealed unit glass and 1 5/8" (41.28mm) triple glazed sealed unit glass.

Specification: Tested to ASTM E 283-04, ASTM E 330-02, ASTM E 331-00, ASTM F 588-07 and ASTM E 2068 for Air Leakage, Structural Performance, Water Penetration, Forced Entry Resistance and Operating Force.

Open-In System Open-Out System

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